Friday, February 24

Biblical Parenting Resource

About a month ago, I ran across a wonderful resource called the Child Training Bible.  

(It is not a special bible that you purchase, but a kit that you use with your own bible) 
The "CTB" was created as an amazing resource for parents to quickly get answers from God’s Word on common sinful problems.   The CTB makes it so simple for parents to present the biblical truth for times of instruction.  Simply use the key and tabbers provided with your CTB kit to locate the behavior and find the section and color flags to go to.  Read the highlighted verses with your child and explain what God says about the behavior that needs to be addressed.

It took me several hours to tab and highlight all the scripture, however it was well worth the time put in, as it was time reading all the wonderful scriptures as I looked up and highlighted each one.  This are not just scriptures for children, but for everyday living!  It has become one of our top ten parenting resources to recommend to others. 


Meagan Fox said...

at first, I thought it was just a decoration, after a read your blog, I realized it was a helpful way to easily find a reference. For me this is really brilliant... and it inspires me to do the same for my children. Thank you so much and God bless!

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Kathryn said...

So glad that you read the post. It really is a neat reference tool! Our kids love it, and so do we. Thanks for reading.