Saturday, January 3

New Unit Study- Penguins!

Still enjoying my time off. We follow our local school system schedule- we take a break when they do, so we are off until next week. : ) I am using my down time to begin planning for our next unit study on Penguins.

I just left the library and found some great books and videos for our unit.
March of the Penguins

Happy Feet
The Adventures of Scamper
National Geographic Video: Antarctic, Wildlife Adventure
PBS special on Georgia Aquarium (with a section on penguins)

March of the Penguins (kids companion guide to the movie)
Cuddly Dudley (Jez Alborough)
Tacky the Penguin (Helen Lester)
(+ the other Tacky books in the series)
The Emperor Lays an Egg (Brenda Guiberson)
Without You (Sarah Weeks)
Flip and Flop (Dawn Apperley)
Parker Penguin and the Winter Games (Jon Chardiet)

In addition to the books and videos, I will be using online resources-It can serve as the foundation of our penguin study without buying a single thing. Below I have listed where I will be pulling things from-and it is all FREE. It amazes me how much you can get for free! At the end, we will compile everything into a lapbook. I will try and take pictures of all of our homeschool activities each day this month to post here along the way!

TONS of info for Unit Studies and Lapbooks:

Starfall Online Book about Penguins

Just for fun:
Fun Penguin Mask
Penguin Games and Activity
Emperor Penguin Board Game

Mini Penguin Book for lapbook

Cute Penguin Number Strips to Practice Counting by 10's (they also have letters)

Penguin Letter Sequencing Activity

I was browsing Jean Warren's website (a great preK resource!) for penguin stuff...and found an activity calendar for the month of January. She has one for Toddlers and I will probably try to incorporate these activities into our morning school time when Bella is still awake.


ansbea said...

So cool! We are doing penguins/artic animals, winter and snow too! Can't wait to see what you guys are up to! Check us out at

I have a few things posted there already!


Laura said...

I just found your website and can't wait to explore it more. It sounds like we have a lot in common. Thanks for all your great penguin links. That's how I found you. I'm going to add you to my Google reader right now!