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    Teacher/Parent Links

    Daily Links regardless of age *taken from Feed Your Brain

    Everyday Scripture Reading
    Today’s Bible Reading
    Everyday Geography/Missions
    Pray for Unreached People Group of the Day with Global Prayer Digest 
    Take Today’s National Geographic Geobee Quiz

    Everyday Art Appreciation
    Today’s Biblical Art (Scroll down)
    Everyday Literature Exploration
    Today’s Word to learn
    Daily Spelling Bee
    Today’s Vocabulary Quiz 
    Today’s Poem from Writer’s Almanac
    Poem a Day
    Today’s Creative Writing for sixty Seconds
    Today’s Analogy quiz

    Every(week) Math Problem
    Math Problems posted every Monday
    Everyday Science
    Plant of the day
    Bird of the day (look on this page to find it, then click to separate page)
    National Geographic News
    Astronomy Picture of the Day
    Weather Picture of the Day
    Tonight’s viewing of the sky (*click on the orange “Tonight” tab in right corner)
    Everyday Music Appreciation
    Classics in Concert
    Everyday History
    Glimpses of Christian History: (Click on ‘Today’s Story from Christian History‘)
    On This Day in History
    This Day in History 
    Today in History
    Everyday Current Events
    Today’s Times Mag for Kids
    Daily Student News
    Everyday Geography/World Events
    This Week’s Pictures from around the world
    Today’s Pictures: The Last 24 hrs in Pictures