Monday, October 25

Preschool Wrap Up- Letter Aa

Bella loves to sing and dance.  Here she is on our front lawn giving a performance of a lifetime.

Preschool Weekly Wrap up
Letter Aa
Having fun with a friend in our sandbox with kitchen supplies from the Dollar Tree.
Making an apple tree with fingerprints.  She loves the inkpad.
Played a game outside that matched up apple numbers on circle cutouts to sidewalk chalk numbers.
"Baking" apple pie with our apple pie playdough.  
We brought out our apple cookie cutters and mini silicone cake pan for a place to put the pie. :)
Inspired by Counting Coconuts to do a monthly or seasonal playdough.
Just add apple pie spices to your basic playdough recipe.  
I also used whole wheat flour to get the apple pie crust color.
Sorting Aa's
I got the apples from Hubbard's Cupboard curriculum, 
and the cool Aa letters from Mrs. Meachams Webpage.
Another find from Hubbard's Cupboard.  Counting apples on the apple tree.  
We used green marbles (the kind that is flat on one side) for our apple manipulatives. 
This tied in with our bible theme of "fruit of the Spirit"...
The placemat is filled with "big" pictures of fruit.  
In the baggie are cards with the teeny tiny versions of the same pictures.
The child uses the magnifying glass to identify and then match the fruit.
 James actually like this one too and they worked on this together!
I can't remember where I found this...sorry!
Apple prints.  I love the stars...horizontal cuts.
Fingerprint Tree
This is our Hubbard's Cupboard song craft page.  
I cut out the pieces, and Bella glued them together.
We had so many small pieces that I decided to make an Aa lapbook for her.  
We put the letter crafts on the front.  Again, here I cut out the pieces, 
and she assembled and glued them together.
This is inside the folder.  
Silly alligator poem found at Homeschool Share
Aa apple shape book
Coloring Shape of Apple
Apple Pie Opposite Cards Game
Aa Songs for Saplings Flashcard
Aa Art Book
Apple Tree Counting Book
She counted and glued the correct number of apples onto the page.  
We found this at Childcareland
We covered the Aa art book letters with apple stickers.
Linking up to these great memes. 
Check them out for great ideas for your children!

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Giggly Girls said...

Busy week! Lots of fun stuff going on.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the apple lapbook. All your crafts look amazing.

Elle Belles Bows said...

Love the apple fingerprint tree! Kerri

April said...

Love Bella's shirt, I recognize the San Diego Zoo animals :-)

April said...

Oh and I just read Bellaisms, I am lol at What's your number! Too funny, and I don't have any words.
She is the cutest, even if she is my niece, she is the cutest girl ever!