About Me

God has blessed my family tremendously!  I blog (inconsistently) so that I can all look back one of these days and stand amazed at how God has led us each and every day. 
When I started this blog, I was a stay at home mom and was homeschooling my two kids...the wiggle worms :)  I took a break in blogging for a while as my family went through a very rough time and I needed to sort some things out in my head, and frankly didn't want to blog anymore.  After many tears and prayers, God worked miracles, and brought my family back together again! 
Last Summer,  I started going back to school to finish my degree to teach elementary school, and the kids entered and are enjoying the traditional school system.   
Around the same time, my husband and I began the process of getting our nieces out of foster care, and into our home...all four of them!  They have now moved into our home... making us a family of 8!!!  Wow...can't even describe the blessings that we have received from this journey!

My plans for life have changed many times, but one thing has remained constant- God is there.   He knows what the future holds, and we trust in Him for the answers!