Friday, August 3

He makes all things new

It has been a while since I have really blogged about my life.  Seems like a life time ago I wrote those last posts.  A lifetime ago that I was homeschooling the kids at our old house.  A lifetime ago when my world crumbled around me. I realize I was never very clear on what was going on, but I just had to take a break from blogging because nothing made sense in writing things down let alone thinking.  My marriage had been bad for a while, but when prayers, intense counseling, friends and church leaders intervening did not help-it turned into a separation with hopes of reconciliation.  But it got much worse before it got better.  In fact, I honestly lost hope for my family coming back together, but kept trusting in God.  I am thankful for the few that kept on encouraging me that God can change anyone and not to give up hope for my marriage.  God used that time to work on my heart and change me too.  He definitely worked miracles in Mark and has brought our family back together...our family has never been happier.  Here is a super quick recap of life from last year to now:   Last year after our amazing trip to California to see my sister, we got back just in time for the new school year.  The kids and I moved out of my parents house in Glennville, and into a tiny upstairs apartment of a friend's house in Statesboro.  I got a job working as a parapro at that same school that my kids went to and we all loved it.  I loved it so much that I realized I should go ahead and go back to finish my degree in Early Childhood!  The whole family got back together earlier this year and moved into a nice house in Statesboro.  I just finished my summer term of my first time back at college in 12 years and made straight A's  :)  I start back in a few weeks for the fall semester to start my Pre-Professional Block (that is where you actually start going into the schools and observing and doing activities with the kids)   My kids started back to school this week and they seem to love their new school and teachers.  James just started taking Karate, and Bella will start Ballet, Tap, and Jazz in a few days.  God has given us all a fresh dose of new beginnings and we are thankful to Him for second chances.


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