Wednesday, September 28

I need You

This is a new song to me...and what a treasure I have found!  It always amazes me how God can put words into someone's pen years earlier and yet that seems so very personal to me alone...for that matter to all His children.  If I were to write out my thoughts tonight, this would be it.  Oh, how I need you, Lord.

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Anonymous said...

Dear sweet Kathryn, My heart aches for your sadness, and unrest. I am praying for you and the family, and asking God to hold you in his arms, daily. This road you travel is one that He sees, knows, and promises that He will be with you, and hold you in his arms, he is a strong and mighty tower that the righteous run to and are safe, he gathers you under his wings to comfort you and keep you safe. If I could take this burden from you I surely would, my heart breaks at your sorrow, and broken heart. Dont loose hope. Continue to give him your burdens. Continue to surround yourself with friends to support you. Let me and dad be arms to hold you up. I am most blessed to have a sweet daughter , who loves the lord, and strives to seek him. Stay strong, courageous, do not let this overwhelm you, remember that he calmed the storm, he sees your needs , he is beside you, and will see you through this storm. I believe he will not leave you without an escape. trust in the lord with all your might lean not unto your own understanding and he will direct your path. I love you. mom